WPP support Vehicle Guidelines

                                                   WPP 1b

As per the above quote WPP and its committee would like to ensure all our members that we are committed and very serious about the safety of riders and support vehicles. Please note that the WPP events are not UCI sanctioned events and therefore no official Commissaire needs be appointed for the events

Please find below GENERAL Guidelines to assist us in ensuring hosting safe events.

  1. All SUPPORT Vehicles needs to register 20 min prior to start of race at the registration counter. Only registered vehicles will be allowed in the convoy. A registration sheet will be available at registration.

  2. All support drivers need to be present at the pre-race briefing 10min prior to start of race and must be a WPP member. Special race conditions and rules will be announced then.

  3. LEAD VEHICLE – The race lead vehicle will be appointed by the organizer at the above briefing. This will be the first car behind the bunch and will be responsible to ensure everybody follows the guidelines as explained below and per pre-race briefing.

  4. No support vehicle may pass the race lead vehicle in a race except for servicing and feeding, after which the support vehicle must fall back to its position.

  5. Vehicles falling back, keep far left, Cyclists and other vehicles needs to pass right.

  6. If a cyclist approach from the back and get closer then 20m, vehicles needs to move far left and fall back to allow cyclist to pass with no obstruction.

  7. If a cyclist needs technical support, the driver must stop as far left as possible and behind the cyclist (to protect the cyclist) with the hazards on. The support vehicle may lead the cyclist back to the back of the convoy after which the cyclist may use the vehicles in the convoy to get back to the peloton. No cyclist will be allowed to hold onto a vehicle at any stage of the race.

  8. If the convoy breaks up, vehicles may only move forward if the cap is more than 100m.

  9. The height of the vehicle in the convoy should not be over1,6 m. Vehicles higher than 1,6 m should drive at the back of the convoy except for the period of feeding.

  10. All vehicles in the convoy should put on their head lights, hazards should stay off, unless emergency. Drivers must use indicators if they change lanes or wants to move in position.

The WPP committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members and support drivers in assisting us with the implementation of the above 10 general guidelines to ensure safe events for our cyclists.

Pierre du Plooy


Windhoek Pedal Power.